"Queen, healer, mother and friend. We thank you for your loving service in the peak of the most momentous moment. You are the best Doula/ friend a person could have. Your clear vision holding made the birth complete. A perfect manifestation in spirit, mind and body. A seer of spirit. A mother Goddess in the flesh. A divine woman. Be blessed as you bless those around you."



"I met and worked with Davon during the birth of a mutual client. Davon really met each family member where they were. She was able to connect with and support the father and the grandmother through a long hard labor. Davon was a steady presence, both solid and sensitive. I think Davon would be an excellent Doula for anyone, and she was a pleasure to work with for all the nursing staff at the hospital."



"We found Davon after deciding to use a birth center instead of a hospital and they required a doula for first time moms. Knowing this was the best choice for us, taking a path we were unfamiliar with was still unnerving. In meeting Davon for the first time it became immediately clear that we were on the right path. Davon, being very grounded, was easy to connect with, brought great energy to our journey and offered us a beautiful lens through which to see the birthing process. We felt comfortable as well knowing that she supports a variety of birth plans and even offers other services on the side that we could possibly use postpartum.

Not only is Davon well informed, offering a plethora of information and resources, she was also mindful of our experience giving us what information we needed when the time was right or when we asked. Part of what we’ve learned on our journey is that reducing stress and cultivating calm is one of the best intentions to have during pregnancy and the birthing process and Davon is a wonderful support in creating just that kind of experience. She even introduced us to a possible backup doula who would be available in case she were in the middle of another birth to make sure that we were always supported even at times when Davon wasn’t immediately available.

In addition to Davon’s professionalism and notable abilities as a doula, the most significant quality about her that we have gratitude for is her genuine enthusiasm and interest in the birthing process. Her heart is in it. She continuously builds on her knowledge, is eager to help when needed, sees the beauty in the birthing process and intends to focus on community building and bringing people together postpartum, something we look forward to being part of."

Matt & Kate

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“Davon is Amazing!! Super responsive, easy to reach and at the hospital for placenta pick up within an hour after birth. Kept in contact throughout the process of encapsulation and dropped my raw Dehydrated Placenta pills off at my front door within a few days. Checked in with me a few times to see how I was doing. Very knowledgeable, sweet and professional. Highly recommend her and her services. Thank you Davon!!”



"My husband and I were expecting our first baby. We had quite the journey trying to conceive and were very nervous about how the delivery would go. I suffer from endometriosis and therefore I have a very low pain tolerance. My sister strongly encouraged us to have a doula as a support for the birth of our baby. Meeting Davon Crawford was a gift sent from God. She is very easy to talk to and very experienced with helping moms to have the ideal birth that fits their needs. Her services of prenatal and postpartum were above and beyond. She created a relaxed calm and soothing environment using essential oils, soft music, encouraging words and massage to help me get through each contraction, she gave both myself and my husband the full support that we needed to deliver our baby. She checks in quite often with us to see how we are doing. Davon Crawford has truly given us the love and support that we needed during our delivery. She is very compassionate being a doula to support moms and their spouses during their journey of birth. We have connected with her so well that she honestly has now become part of the family. We highly recommend Davon as a doula to every expecting family."

The Adams Family


“Your support- spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically+ energetically- was beyond perfection during the labor+ delivery of Luca. You had the right amount of tenderness, kindness+ love as soft strength+ experience. I am especially grateful that it was your voice+ face to help guide me out of my fainting trance & back into reality! It was beyond any expectations Sergio+ I could’ve imagined. So thank you for being the kind of doula that makes the difference in care and I am so glad that we have a new friend we can count on in Vallejo that shares similar values of truth, love + spirit as us.”

Sergio & Christine

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